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Employee Relations

Dispute & Grievance Settlement

It is the responsibility of (Insert Company) to provide you with the time, forums and mechanisms so you can tell us what you want us to hear. We encourage all employee's to take responsibility for raising issues in a constructive way that will allow the business to acknowledge and take the appropriate action.

All employee's will be treated fairly at all times and, in circumstances of dispute, have available to them means and avenues that will help them resolve the dispute. Any employee who believes that they have been unfairly treated, has the right to discuss the issue with their Manager.

Every Manager within (Insert Company) who has a grievance brought to their attention has the following obligations:

  • To take the matter seriously
  • To record the conversation and any agreed outcome, or
  • Refer the matter to an appropriate person who can help the manager and employee resolve the issue.

    If you and your Manager cannot resolve the dispute, you may escalate the matter to your Manager’s manager. In the event that the issue is with a Manager of (Insert Company), another Senior Manager or Chief Executive Officer may be sought to hear the issue.

    In extreme circumstances, (Insert Company) may seek the assistance of an external qualified grievance management body to assist in resolving the matter.

    The procedural fairness model (Insert Company) adopts in these circumstances may not necessarily resolve the dispute. What it will do is ensure that you are properly heard and responded to in an appropriate manner and in an appropriate time frame.

    A grievance need not be lodged in writing but must identify the nature of the grievance, all of the persons involved, and the time and location in which the incident is reported to have arisen.

    Anonymous grievances will not be pursued by (Insert Company). Senior management will treat all issues fairly, confidentially and without repercussions. False allegations are considered by the company to be deliberate and willful misconduct.

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